Not everyone right around you.. How to avoid toxic environment?

“People inspire you, or they drain you—pick them wisely.” – Hans F. Hansen

Do you know that old saying about frogs pulling down other frogs to escape a pot of boiling water? As dramatic as this is, this scenario is so true in our lives as well. No matter who you are, there will always be a few people who will try to put you down, make you drown in negativity and force you to doubt yourself. This is what you call ‘toxic people’ and a common rule to go by is to avoid such people whenever and wherever possible.

The quality of your life will always depend on the people you interact with on an everyday basis. Some of them positively influence you while some others can intensify your stress levels and shoot you with negative vibes. According to research from the Department of Biological and Clinical Psychology at Friedrich Schiller University in Germany, it has been concluded that being exposed to stimuli that cause negative emotions can trigger a huge stress response is this is precisely what happens when you’re around toxic people.

Talking about toxic people, who are they and how do you know if you’re surrounded by them? Read the below signs to see if you have toxic people in your life and if that happens to be the case, then carry on reading to know how to deal with such people.

How to recognize toxic people

  1. They cause you to be emotionally affected by their drama and no matter what the situation is, they leave a very negative influence on you when talking about people, situations, etc.
  2. You hate being around them and feel as though you’re stressed around their presence.
  3. You feel insecure and lack self confidence around them.
  4. You feel utterly exhausted when you’re around them or feel angry after your interaction with them
  5. You find yourself in a recurring cycle of trying to fix, rescue or care for them.

So, what can a toxic person do?

  1. They speak negatively about people all the time
  2. They will probably bad mouth about you to others
  3. They will criticize you in front of others
  4. They will play no role in your success
  5. They will trigger your mind against other people
  6. They will expend all their energy in complaining

Phew, these people are a handful, aren’t they? Which brings us to the grand and most important question –

How to avoid and deal with toxic people?

  1. Do not expect them to change – Toxic people are usually motivated by they own complex problems and they generally don’t care about how their behaviour affects others. So, expecting them to change is easier said than done. You can’t force toxic people to change and when you accept the fact that they are not willing to change, it becomes easier on you to let them go.
  2. Maintain boundaries – Toxic people have the power to drain you emotionally by constantly making you feel insecure, leading you to compromise and please them. This can be extremely exhausting and intolerable so when you start sensing anything like this, enforce some personal mental boundaries for yourself so you don’t end up draining unwanted energy on them.
  3. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into crises – Toxic people can make it seems as though they need you when they find themselves in a crisis.They could even deliberately create drama to attract attention and manipulate others so keep this in mind. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into their crises.
  4. Focus on the solution – Toxic people will make you feel angry, confused and sad but if you focus on this, you would end up being miserable yourself. Rather, turn your attention to clearing up the emotional challenges you’re facing without dwelling too much over it.
  5. Your weaknesses and difficulties should be yours alone – A toxic person can exploit your flaws and use it against you. You can avoid this from happening by learning to accept your weaknesses and by committing yourself to self-improvement. This way, even when a toxic person tries to highlight your flaws, you wouldn’t be manipulated by it.
  6. Know how to resist – When they feel ignored, toxic people will end up throwing tantrums. When this happens, don’t give in but remind yourself to resist as this will teach them that their old tactics will no longer work with you.
  7. Be wise in choosing your battles – Fights with toxic people requires tons of time and energy. It’s easy to be instigated but choose your battles wisely and save your energy and focus on building relationships that are genuinely healthy for you.
  8. Surround yourself with positive people – Removing toxic people from your life can be painful if they happen to be people you care about in some way. So to allow you to cope with that, be sure to build relationships with those who make you feel loved, happy and safe.


We all know how competitive the corporate environment of today is. All companies are stepping up their game to stay ahead of their competitors and no corporation can afford to lag behind in this fierce race. And the only people who can ensure that a company is running successfully and is achieving the desired success are the team members. And this, particularly, includes the youngsters who are working in the corporate and public sectors.

Entering into the corporate environment is a challenge in itself and with so much of competition that revolves around this sector, the pressure to excel is paramount. This is why I believe that only those who are willing to work with passion, explore new ideas, come out of their comfort zone and push to learn and adapt should enter into the corporate or public sectors. They should work with passion and if that is lacking, then they should explore other options.

Go the extra mile

An employee who is willing to go the extra mile is a gem for any company. There aren’t many who are actually willing to put in the extra effort but those who do are an invaluable asset to an organization. I’d like to share a story that sums this up quite perfectly.

Two brothers joined a company together a few months after their graduation from university.

After a few years of work, their Manager promoted elder one to a position of Senior Sales Manager, but younger remained in his entry level Junior Sales Officer position.

He developed a sense of jealousy and disgruntlement, but continued working anyway.

One day he felt that he could not work with elder brother anymore. He wrote his resignation letter, but before he submitted it to the Manager, he complained that Management did not value hard working staff, but only promoted only the favoured!

The Manager knew that he worked very hard for the years he had spent at the company; even harder than elder one and therefore he deserved the promotion. So in order to help him to realize this, the Manager gave him a task.

“Go and find out if anyone is selling water melons in town?”

He returned and said, “yes there is someone!”

The Manager asked, “how much per kg?” He drove back to town to ask and then returned to inform the Manager; “they are Rs 13.50 per kg!”

The Manager told him, “I will give your elder brother the same task that I gave you.

So the Manager said to elder, in the presence of younger ; “Go and find out if anyone is selling water melons in town?”

He went to find out and on his return he said:”Manager, there is only one person selling water melons in the whole town. The cost is Rs 49.00 each water melon and Rs 32,50 for a half melon. He sells them at Rs 13.50 per kg when sliced. He has in his stock 93 melons, each one weighing about 7kg.

He has a farm and can supply us with melons for the next 4 months at a rate of 102 melons per day at Rs 27.00 per melon; this includes delivery. The melons appear fresh and red with good quality, and they taste better than the ones we sold last year. He has his own slicing machine and is willing to slice for us free of charge. We need to strike a deal with him before 10 a. m tomorrow and we will be sure of beating last year’s profits in melons by Rs 223 . This will contribute positively to our overall performance as it will add a minimum of 3.78% to our current overall sales target.

I have put this information down in writing and is available on spreadsheet. Please let me know if you need it as I can send it to you in fifteen minutes.”

Younger one was very impressed and realized the difference between himself and elder one . He decided not to resign but to learn from him. Let this story help us keep in mind the importance of going an extra mile in all our endeavors.

You won’t be rewarded for doing what you’re meant to do, you only get a salary for that! You’re only ​rewarded​ for going an extra mile; performing beyond expectations.

To be successful in life you must be observant, proactive and willing to do more, think more, have a more holistic perspective and go beyond the call of duty!!!

Successful people don’t simply stop with their job. They are attentive, proactive and willing to think out of the box, explore more options and go beyond the call of their duty. And this is why they achieve the success they deserve. If you, on the other hand, are content with just submitting your work and you feel it’s not your duty to do anything beyond that, then you are in fact restricting yourself from latching on to promotions and amazing new prospects.

Let me explain a scenario for you. An individual is pulling a heavily laden cart forward and it joined by another person who helps him to push it. Then comes along a person who casually tries to help them but ends up making no difference. To this group, then enters a person who actually slows down the process of pulling the cart and to add to the trouble, another person joins the group who actively tries his best to stop the cart from being pulled. Do you think that this team can be successful if there are even a couple of people involved who deter the progress of the rest? Obviously, such individuals who pose as a threat to a company’s success needs to be eliminated.

Every company has employees who fall into one of these categories:

  • The Performer

He/she takes the work seriously and has a clear vision as to where to go and what direction to take and pushes towards achieving those goals. You could call them go-getters. Such people take complete responsibility of their job roles and they benefit the company greatly.

  • The Highly Effective Doer

They are willing to learn, work and improve themselves. They may need a slight push and with the right training and guidance, such people will soon become a future performer.

  • The Less Effective Doer

These individuals are somewhat willing to help but they don’t put in their full effort. As a result, their contributions are not making much difference to the overall results.

  • PTS (Potential Trouble Source)

These are the people who alternate between helping and destroying a company and naturally, such people’s influence makes it harder for the other members to work.

  • SP (Suppressive Person)

Such people are detrimental to an organization as they are actively involved in destroying the work operations. Not many managers may notice this as such people hide their deeds behind a ‘nice’ social mask. However, if undetected, such employees can be a very dangerous threat to a company.

Therefore, for a company to move positively in the path of success, destructive people should be removed from the organization and the productive ones should be encouraged and motivated to perform better. If you have a team of productive members and even if they don’t amount to a large number, they can positively contribute to a company’s overall success.

Have the right mindset

Having a mind swirling with negativity can adversely impact any work environment. Stay away from people who have a negative mindset and de-motivate others as well. Their negativity can rub on to you and destroy your performance as well.

Take calculated decisions

One wrong decision can be enough to destroy a company so always, always ensure that you take carefully calculated decisions at work. Always think in the interest of the company and be far sighted as to the outcomes of your decisions.

Focus on time management

There is a fine line between being a dedicated worker and being a workaholic. While it’s beneficial to work at your very best for your company, you need to manage your time between work and family as well. Staying late and working isn’t the right solution because that would mean abandoning your family. So ensure that there is a healthy balance between your work and family life.

Be a team player

When you join a company, it is no more only about yourself; you are now a member of an extended team and their success means your success as well. So always encourage your colleagues, be empathetic towards them and whenever possible, lend a helping hand to them.

Take the lead

If you are waiting until someone takes the lead, that time may never come, so it’s up to you to stand up and take the lead. If you have an idea that can help your company, then take the initiative and let your manager know about it.


Entering the world of business is very challenging but the fruits of labor that come with establishing a business is truly worth it when we see the rewards of our work. In today’s dynamic business world, more people are considering starting a home-based business and for good reasons too. It’s a calculated risk to take but one that could very well pay off. Below, I have compiled a list of some creative business ideas that have the potential to become a flourishing investment in Sri Lanka. Most of the below mentioned businesses can actually be started by anyone and would require a certain level of specialized knowledge in that specific designation but it could certainly take you on the right path or even inspire another business idea in you.

  1. Human Generated Electricity

nPower PEG was the very first human powered charger for devices in the world. It uses kinetic energy that we create as we walk or run or even move around, thereby giving us 100% green electricity whenever we need it. In Sri Lanka in particular, where the electricity bills are constantly on the rise, there is no doubt that something like this could actually be a massive hit among fitness enthusiasts, those looking to cut down on additional costs and for anyone who are passionate about going green.

  1. Incredibly sturdy butcher blocks

Housewives would certainly relate to the scenario of purchasing a wooden block for kitchen use and then having to discard it soon due to the lack of quality. Owing to this, people are willing to pay more if it means that the product will be both, durable and beautiful. If you can manage to manufacture the highest quality wooden kitchenware made out of solid hardwood, women in particular, would love it. Ensure that the pieces highlight the natural grain of the wood so it adds to the aesthetic appeal. This idea drew inspiration from the Vermont Butcher Block and Board Company that manufactures premium quality butcher blocks that have four rubber feet at the bottom which are secured with stainless steel screws to make sure that the board stays in place and doesn’t slip. Additionally, these boards are also gentler on the knives and are more resistant to damage.

  1. Balance bicycle with no pedals

All of us love to pedal bicycles and in our childhood especially, we were been obsessed with riding one. Children between the ages of 2 ½ and 5 ½ usually ride a bicycle balanced on training wheels. However, a balance bicycle without pedals such as the KaZAM Bikes offers a wonderful and safe alternative. These bicycles take the focus away from paddling and places it on the balance and steering, making it a very easy and safe way to teach our kids how to ride a bicycle. These balance bicycles actually don’t depend on the pedals for movement; rather, kids would use their feet in order to propel themselves forward and as they generate more momentum, they can focus on the steering.

  1. Filtered water bottle

Water, as we all know, is the most important resource in the world and having fresh and clean drinking water is exceptionally crucial for our health. However now, with various pollutants contaminating the water, the need to drink filtered water is very important. This is why I believe a filtered water bottle can be a very successful business in Sri Lanka. Something like the Gobie H20 filtered water bottles is truly a great idea. The bottles are designed with a built-in filter that is ergonomic and is capable of removing any harmful elements from tap water. The carbon-based filter removed chlorine, odors and minerals from tap water, leaving it refreshing and clean water that is safe to drink. These filtered water bottles are a great option for school-going children, those who go to work, and basically for everyone who would like to drink safe, clean and healthy water.

  1. Natural sugar skin care products

Women love cosmetics and they are happily willing to splurge money on skin care products that actually work. Simple Sugar is a popular line of skin care products that are designed for those with sensitive skin and the natural sugar scrubs are very effective in gently exfoliating and nourishing the skin. Introducing a skin care product such as this is Sri Lanka has great potential and the ladies would truly love it. The sugars can successfully remove dead cells and allows oils to penetrate through so the result with be smooth, moisturized and great looking skin without having to use too many products.

  1. Beanbag chair and bed in one

Having to prepare a good place for guests to relax at home is a worry most homeowners have. With Corda-Roy’s Beanbag chair and bed, you can now offer a very comfortable experience for your guests and your family members to lounge, sit back and even sleep in total comfort. This is a very stylish accessory that can be easily converted from a beanbag chair to a comfy mattress with an easy zip. Kids can hang out in the beanbag chair as they play their favourite games or watch TV and when it’s time to sleep, they just need to lay it flat and it becomes a soft and plush mattress. The beanbag is a great addition to take on a family vacation too.

  1. Acupressure wristband for nausea

Acupressure is a technique that has been successfully used for centuries and is gaining global recognition as a very effect drug-free way of managing nausea caused by anesthesia, morning sickness, motion sickness and chemotherapy. The Psi Bands are a line of acupressure wristbands that can prevent nausea and it comes with a pressure dial with over fifty setting so you can fine tune and find the best fit for you. A product such as thing can certainly be very beneficial for the pharmaceutical industry of Sri Lanka.


  1. Airtight plate topper to cover leftovers


Many housewives in Sri Lanka use plastic containers and wraps to store or cover food but these products can actually cause a number of problems. Tupperware lids can easily crack and cling wrap, as we know, can be very messy most the time. However, a convenient cover such as the plate topper can transform any plate into an airtight container so food can be stored with no hassle. All you need to do is hold and press down the handle to create an airtight seal that is strong enough that you could even suspend the plate in mid-air. To release the seal, the tab has to be lifted and pulled and the food is ready to serve. It works on china, plate and even the kitchen counter and I’m sure housewives would fall in love with a product like this because it can go a long way in preventing messy spills and simplify your kitchen work for you.


  1. Organic Laundry Soap


Many people are looking for healthy safe and organic alternatives t the daily products they use because it’s definitely better for you, your family and the environment. There are numerous green household cleaners in Sri Lanka but it’s hard to find an organic laundry detergent. Something like Eco nuts could work very well. This is an organic, all-natural laundry detergent that does an impressive job is cleaning while reducing the impact on the environment and removing any residual chemical buildup. This product is also a good choice for people who suffer from allergies or sensitive skin problems. What’s more, this product is available in a small box that does as much laundry as a standard bottle of laundry detergent.


  1. Modern wall planters


Contemporary interiors are picking up in popularity in Sri Lanka and wall planters are a key component of modern home décor, a magnetic wall planter and organizer can add a very modern and sleek look to your house while at the same time, save space. The steel construction board can be easily mounted to the wall and it serves as a canvas for you to either, add plants, arrange books, or basically anything. It is also perfect for hanging plants in your living room, organizing tools in the kitchen or garage and store products in the bathroom.


I hope the above ideas have sparked some kind of inspiration for you to start our own business successfully. The key is to offer unique, helpful and good quality products without compromising on quality. If such is the case, customers would fight to grab your offers!


How Epitom Trinergy as a Tech Start up has achieved the 2nd year target in style


Starting a business is, both, a challenging and tempting idea but from what I have seen, most people start a business with just profits as their goal. Yes, this is one of the goals but business is a long road and a considerable amount of time, energy, patience and strength has to be dedicated in order to finally achieve the profits you want. Let me share my story, the Epitom Trinergy story.

I’m not a tech guy but I always had a passion for it and that’s what enabled me to start Epitom Trinergy two years ago. I completed my A/Ls and enrolled in the University of Colombo at the Faculty of Management and Finance. But my passion for technology kept tugging at me until I used the internet to learn everything I could about web development. Using my knowledge, I developed my first ever tech site The website isn’t available anymore and I couldn’t continue it because of my studies but it is what I could consider to be my first stepping stone with which my interest for technology only increased, finally leading me to start Epitom Trinergy.

I should say, the first year was hard and that’s expected. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I also trusted that so long as I kept persisting, success wouldn’t be too far away. So during my first year, I didn’t make much profit and people kept telling me that the competition was too strong, the team was too young and inexperienced and so on. But you know what? If you keep trying with the resources you have, then in time, you’ll achieve what you wanted. With the very same marketing team, in 2016, we achieved the two digit sales target and there are so many reasons behind how and why we actually did that.

Put your ideas down on paper

Always remember to form all your sales plans on paper or target driven format. That way, you can stay focused and you know where you goals are so you can work towards it.

Be positive 

I can’t stress enough on this. You need to have nerves of steel to start your own business or set up your own company and there will be ups and downs. Brace yourself for the down and always look for reasons to be positive. In the field of business, the only way to survive is a positive mindset.

Take calculated challenges

Business – or should I say life itself – is all about confidence and belief that you can do it. So if you have an amazing idea and you don’t believe in yourself, then it will never come true. No matter how hard or challenging it may seem, push yourself to do the handwork and it will pay off eventually.

Motivate your team and believe in them

I couldn’t have done what I’ve done without my team. It’s true when they say your team is an extension of yourself and this is why you need to keep motivating and inspiring them. Be a part of the team and most importantly, believe in them so they will believe in themselves more. You won’t believe the miracles this can do!

Have the right kind of people with you

There will always be people who will discourage you and however hard we try to ignore them, it can actually affect how we work. The question will keep looming over your head – ‘Can I actually do it’? ‘Did I make the right choice?’ ‘Will I be able to carry on?’

So be around people who have the right mindset, people who are positive and encouraging. And when they keep telling you ‘You can do it!’ you’ll believe that you actually can too.

Reward your team

You can’t deny the fact that your team are working for you so remember to always reward them for their productivity. After all, they deserve it for their hard work, don’t they?

Have your ideas predicted perfectly

Whether it’s your financials or final product, make sure you have a thorough ideas about how it’s going to be. This will set you up against any challenges, should it arise, and more importantly, you will have a clear picture of what to expect so you can expend the energy required for it.

Counter arguments with actions

Let your actions speak louder than your words. If people doubt your abilities, then take up the challenge in a positive way and make sure that your actions win the arguments. Let your work do the talking.

Effectively plan your projects

Planning is the key. Take the time to do the required research, spend some time on looking up for new ideas and plan your project thoroughly. You can never get into a project with only half a plan. So don’t overlook even the tiny details. Plan your projects in details and this will save time, effort and money.

Make your customers happy

Most of you clients are through referrals and we have achieved this by making our existing clients happy. Go the extra mile to wow your clients and, trust me, it will do your business a world of good.

Don’t underestimate your scope

When we were building websites for our clients, our competitors limited their prices to pages but we didn’t do so. We under promised our clients and over delivered, making our customers more than just satisfied. And by doing so, we managed to gain many more clients as well. Our 65% of total business comes from referrals.

I’ve had my fair share of challenges before, while and even after starting Epitom but I refuse to give up. Now, two years down the line, I’m proud to have achieved this much and to have people come up to with encouragement. Stepping into the frontier of establishing your own business is a tough ask and I’ve met people who have the talent but zero confidence in themselves. You can either sit down, doing nothing and wondering about all the things you could have actually down or you could get up, motivate yourself and then do the things you’ve wanted to do. Trust in yourself and your abilities and if you think you’ve got what it takes to build your own business, then by all means do so. But don’t ever forget where you started from and keep learning -you can never get enough of it.


8 tip to master in order to create impact as an entrepreneur

Businessman standing in office looking out

Succeeding as an entrepreneur in today’s competitive business world takes a lot of hard work, patience and a clear mindset. No business can achieve overnight success and the only way in which you can create impact as an entrepreneur is by having the passion to truly succeed. The internet is full of tips for entrepreneurs but for the most part, these articles talk about the same basic characteristics and tips to get started.

In this article however, we will go beyond the ordinary and we’ll be dealing with tactical and proven ways in which you can truly create impact and leave behind a legacy through your inspiring leadership.

Realize your purpose- Why you are doing what you are doing.

The best businessmen have always said that the only way to predict the future is by creating it. A lot of people in their mid thirties often have these thoughts as to what they want to do with their life. Having this sort of lack in clarity of vision can go on to waste plenty of years from your life. Every successful person who created some sort of impact in the world had a strong reason and purpose.

If you don’t understand what your purpose is, it’s time to start working on yourself right now. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What are the things that truly matter to you- Is it to help alleviate poverty, to provide better educational access or improve yourself and the community?
  • What do you think your life’s calling is? What do you think you should be doing?
  • Is there anything that gets your excited and why?
  • What are the things you enjoy doing in your free time?
  • What would you do differently in your life?
  • What’s the legacy you wish to leave behind?

These questions might seem pretty basic but once you actually ponder over it, you’ll start understanding what your purpose is so you can work towards it.

No matter what it is that you do, love it

The only thing that truly keeps a business moving towards success is passion. An entrepreneur cannot afford to be half-hearted in their efforts. Even if it means failing the first couple of times, that passion for what you do will keep driving you until you finally see the results of what you strived for. Take Abraham Lincoln, for example. He failed in most of his efforts until much later in his life but did he give up?

Nurture your main strengths 

Everyone is gifted with some special talent. Know what your key strengths and talents are so you can actually use it. Sometimes, we only come to realize our strengths when we go out of our comfort zones so don’t be afraid to take new chances. The outcome of your decisions will reveal your strengths and once you know what it is, don’t be afraid to use it. And particularly in business, it’s really important for you to work to your strengths.

Re-examine your purpose and passion

There may be times where you feel out of your zone- and that’s perfectly normal. Our own plans and the reality can contradict each other so re-visiting your purpose in one way in which you can stay on track. How often you do this will depend largely on your personality. For some, this could be by connecting with people of the same industry, for others it could attending a seminar and for others, it can be by hiring an executive coach. However, I have come to realize that the best way to re-examine your purpose and passion is by taking some time out for personal introspection. Write down your thoughts, or rather ideas on a journal and rewrite the answers to your questions. Take at least a couple of days, the weekends for example, to unplug from technology and do some personal philosophy. Trust me, it works.

Never work alone

There’s an amazing proverb that says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This is the kind of mindset entrepreneurs should have where they see the world full of opportunities. So in order to actually go a long way in your goals, you can’t afford to work alone. Rather, collaborate with a team and their ideas will help shape you as a better leader and it will also allow you to build an empire that’s more substantial with a legacy.

Be a part of your team

This seems pretty elementary but unfortunately, once some entrepreneurs begin to establish their business, they start seeing themselves as above the team. This kind of an attitude will not endure because if you want to create impact as an entrepreneur, you should be very much part of the team. Great leaders are those who look out for their team before looking out for themselves. Always let your team know that you will support them no matter what so it’ll empower and inspire them to build a business legacy together. And don’t forget to always talk to your team. Keep asking them about the challenges they are facing and this will increase your confidence and credibility as a business leader.

Look for opportunities everywhere and in everything

Each time you think to yourself “I already know this” or “This isn’t something for me”, turn it around and question yourself as to how you can make it work for you. Doing this will immediately put you into a learning mindset which in turn will allow you to see opportunities in everything. Start taking this kind of an approach in your life as an entrepreneur and it will fundamentally change the way in which you approach your business life.

Live a life of service

To actually create an impact as an entrepreneur, your job doesn’t finish with your business. Go beyond you call of duty and see what you can do to help the society as well. Look at Bill Gates- even after such a massive success in his business, he was very passionate about eradicating pandemic diseases. All true leaders align their passion with a way in which they could change the world.

This is difficult- I agree- and it take a great deal of courage to have a vision to work for the community but it’ll be worth it when you leave behind a legacy that will help grow the future generation in some way. Be someone who will well and truly create an impact by building a legacy through which humanity can flourish.

Successful Business Ideas for Sri Lankans – Part three

In my previous blog posts, I discussed some ideas to start a flourishing business in Sri Lanka. And business, as we all know, is a huge arena in which options are virtually endless. So today, I’m going to share some more business ideas that have the potential to be a good success in Sri Lanka. The ideas mentioned below were successful business ventures in USA but are currently not available in Sri Lanka. So aspiring businessmen, this is your chance to bring these products down to Sri Lanka, assured that it can bring you success. Otherwise, I hope these ideas can inspire in some way to embark on your own unique business journey.



Smartphones are changing our lives in so many ways with amazing apps that we use on a regular basis. In today’s technology-driven world, they have even changed door locks- that’s how big an impact technology has had. There is this new product known as the UniKey which is effectively something that enables you to unlock the door with your Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone. The lock has no key and no digits to punch into a keypad. All you have to do is walk to the door with your Smartphone in your pocket, touch the lock and voila- you can open your door. If your phone battery dies or you forget to bring your phone, the lock would still work normally with a standard metal key.

Interchangeable Straps

trimi-tanksWomen have plenty of wardrobe woes where they tend to feel that no matter how many dresses they have, it stills feel insufficient. This is where something like the TriMi Tank, which is a basic tank top that comes with removable, interchangeable straps. Every tank top comes with three sets of straps to mix and match, making it practically a 3-in-1 dress. Needless to say, the ladies in Sri Lanka will be obsessed with something like this!

Truck Mattress

products-airbedzTake your favourite mattress anywhere you go with this original truck bed air mattress. There are some custom designed air mattresses that are especially designed in order to fit in the beds of pickup trucks. The mattresses also have cutouts on its sides, making it easier to go around and over the wheel wells. It also creates a sleep area that uses the entire bed of the truck. A simple built-in pump can deflate or inflate the mattress with a mere push of a button.

Sippy Cups

sippy-cupMany pediatricians advise the use of straw cups instead of the usually sippy cups because the dental benefits of using straws. Many kids’ bottles also have spill-proof valves that make it really difficult to drink from and also a tiresome job of cleaning. Moreover, little kids also struggle with straw cups because it only works well if held upright. The cup illustrated below removes all these challenges by using a flexible straw with a heavy end, keeping the bottom of the straw in the liquid at all times. This also allows your toddler to drink easily when the cup is tilted to its side. The handle is very easy to hold and could be removed with a quick twist, making this cup perfect in a cup holder as well. This award-winning cup is designed very creatively and looks awesome as well so your kids will love it. Mums in Sri Lanka would no doubt love it too!

Instant lifts for shaping arms, tummy and thighs

Weight loss is a huge challenge and sometimes, no matter how much we diet, those unsightly cellulite just doesn’t disappear. Skinnies offer a quick solution to this problem. This product is a clear skin adhesive that provides amazing smoothing and lifting results. It’s very easy to apply and can be worn the whole day with no discomfort at all. Simply remove it once you’re done. Because Skinnies are transparent and designed to be worn on bare skin, it doesn’t need to be hidden under the clothing and wont make you feel bulky as well. Moreover, it’s sweat proof as well and won’t budge, even in Sri Lanka’s humid climate. Those who have lost weight of recently had a baby knows what it’s like to have excess skin on the belly, the flabby arms and so one. Skinnies is the instant, invisible lift that can make women looks perfectly in shape. Need I say that the women in our country would love this?

Technology enabled clothing

Techy people know that they have plenty of gadgets to carry around with them and this can be a real trouble sometimes. You’ve got to carry your phone, your digital camera, laptop, tablet, headset, etc and TEC, or Technology Enabled Clothing, allows you to carry and access all your devices from hidden pockets in the lining of your clothing.

Dryer attachment

This is a very simple device can not only save energy but also your money. The device filters and directs the hot air that is needed to dry your clothes. This dryer attachment doesn’t waste any energy and allows the hot air that is usually send through a vent to be used in order to heat your house during cooler climates.

Clip for glasses

products-readerestEyeglasses are expensive and losing or damaging it can be a huge loss. For people who don’t wear eyeglasses all the time, there is the common worry of misplacing their glasses. You could hang it on the neck of your dress but it almost always slides on to the floor when you bend over. Even if tuck your glasses into your dress pocket, it can fall off and if you place it on the top of your head, you search for it everywhere except where you put it. With a Readerest clip, all these issues can be resolved. The small clip attaches to your dress by a magnetic steel plate and the arm of your glasses fits perfectly in the clip, keeping it safe from any damages. It’s a very simple clip but it can go a long way in allowing you to never lose hold of your glasses again.

Last Lid

last-lid-garbage-coverSomething as simple as a missing garbage lid that can potentially turn into a thriving business? Exactly. The Last Lid is a testament to this. A fabric replacement for your garbage cover, Last Lid is the last garbage lid you will ever need. It is made out of military grade flexible polyethylene and is machine washable, weather proof and animal proof as well.


ShowNo Towel

showno-towel-2This is a great product that’s actually a towel that allows for some privacy when changing the bathing suit and functions as a coverall. The towel has a slit at its center through which your child’s head should go through. The rest of the towel can be draped around the child’s body, keeping them covered while they changed out of their wet clothes. The product will also keep children dry at the pool or even during bath time.


Clean Bottle

clean_bottleAlmost all of us have a reusable water bottle that we take around with us. This is a great thing to do, even from an environmental perspective, but it comes with one annoying problem- you can’t get to the bottom of the bottle to clean it thoroughly. Bottled that are used frequently can get dirty very soon and Clean Bottle is the world’s only bottle that can be unscrewed from the bottom as well as the top so it can be cleaned perfectly. Because the removable bottom and top allows the bottle to dry out quickly, it ensures that the bottle is clean at all times. The drinking nozzle could be removed and sanitized as well. This is really something school kids, in particular, would need.


Ideas to start a successful business in Sri Lanka

Stepping into business is a tough choice that could either be a success or a failure. However, the outcome of your business lies in doing enough research before starting out. The road will definitely be long and even daunting at times but as a developing country, there are some great prospects to start a business in Sri Lanka. The below business ideas have been incredibly successful in other countries and have the potential to be a success in Sri Lanka as well. These ideas could give you the head-start to start on your very own thriving business journey.

Toilet training for your kitty

This is a system in which cat toilet training is make easy with a special training seat that fits any toilet. The training seat includes four rings that are filled up with cat litter and after one week, the first ring could be removed, creating a little hole in the litter pan. Each week after that, you can remove the additional ring, eventually widening the hole to the toilet below. After all the four rings have been removed, your cat will be fully toilet rained and you don’t have to use a training aid any more. And what’s more, you can finally get rid of your litter box for good because you kitty will now be perfectly toilet trained.

Young Sri Lankans, in particular, love cats as their pets but dealing will the litter could be a messy and hateful job. Manufacturing and importing a product such as this can go a long way in saving time and money for cat lovers and it can make traveling with your cat easy too.

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Child seat-cum luggage

Traveling is a stressful event all on its own with a whirlwind of worries- have I packed everything? Are the tickets there? Can we make it to the destination on time? And traveling with a toddler can make the whole ordeal even worse. This is where a product such as a Ride-on Carry-on can be immensely helpful. It can really take the stress out of traveling with a baby by converting a rolling suitcase into a travel stroller. This wonderful folding seat can be attached on to a rolling luggage and your toddler can be strapped on the seat with a stroller so you can roll on your luggage as your child rides along with it. Sri Lankan parents who travel often wouldn’t want to miss out on such a helpful product and it will certainly be a great hit.


Pogo Sticks

Sri Lankans are beginning to show a lot of interest in extreme sports and a product such as the Vurtego Pogo Sticks isn’t anything like a toy we had as kids growing up. These pogo sticks use a space-age technology to launch its riders as high as ten feet in the air! The center of the stick has a cylinder with compressed air and when you jump down on the stick, the air gets compressed. The natural pushback then propels you up, allowing you to soar to up to ten feet high. Presently, there is nothing of this sort in Sri Lanka but our teens and young adults would absolutely love it!

Make those wild collars stay!

Wurking Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stay is the first magnetic collar in the world to tame those wild collars that just won’t stay. This product is available in many styles as well. Look prim on your office suit with perfect collars and you wouldn’t have to sneak your hands up to tame those wild collars anymore. Male worker can relate to this dilemma and with a product like this, you can look professional all day!


Interchangeable Shoe

The original Interchangeable Shoe is a product that allows you to put your best foot forward. What started off as a few pairs of shoes has now been accepted as an amazing innovation where multiple shoes could be consolidated into one, making packing a breeze as well. You can get more luggage space with the same amount of options too. The product offers a range of soles that can be mixed and matched with your choice of tops. The tops are available in many designs and prints and whether you want to go all-black, floral or practically any design you want, the interchangeable shoe will come up as a must-have wardrobe option that girls would adore. From flip flops to kitten heels and various tops to choose from, you will have plenty of shoes, all in one. This product can take the Sri Lankan shoe business to a whole new level.

Sweeping made easy with a two-in-one broom and scraper!

A broom with a retractable scraper can remove your daily cleaning woes as it allows you to take off gunk spots while sweeping. This product is actually two tools in one that is easy to use. All you need to do is simply push down on the retractable scraper and scrape so it’s great for the cleaning industry of Sri Lanka. Whether it’s for hospitals, schools or even your own home, this two-in-one design is perfectly versatile. The angled broom has a flare at the end of the bristles so it can catch anything that has to be swept away. After you have used it, simply rinse or shake the broom to remove the excess debris.

Nasal screens

Many people struggle with allergies, particularly when cleaning the house, working in the yard or wherever there are small particles floating about. These tiny particles are not just annoying but are dangerous for people who have asthma, bronchitis and heart disease, to name a few. First Defense Nasal Screens are an innovative product that prevents these tiny particles from entering the respiratory system by covering the nasal passages. It is designed to be comfortable and perfectly discrete and helps greatly in blocking particles form entering the nose. People with respiratory problem will find this product to be very handy and effective.

A bacon cooking alarm clock

Wake N Bake is an alarm clock that wakes you by automatically cooking bacon. The idea is that you put a frozen piece of bacon in the alarm clock when going to sleep and ten minutes before your set wakeup time, the clock would automatically start cooking the bacon. Unfortunately, a product such as this isn’t there to be found anywhere but it’s an interesting idea that people will certainly love!


Rental service for toys

Toygaroo is a rental service for toys that works pretty much like Netflix is for DVDs. After your kids tire of playing with one toy, it could be sent back and replaced with a different one, so your child will not have any more toy tantrums. As much as kids would love this, parents would really do with a rental service for toys and since this isn’t available in Sri Lanka as yet, grab it!