Successful Business Ideas for Sri Lankans – Part three

In my previous blog posts, I discussed some ideas to start a flourishing business in Sri Lanka. And business, as we all know, is a huge arena in which options are virtually endless. So today, I’m going to share some more business ideas that have the potential to be a good success in Sri Lanka. The ideas mentioned below were successful business ventures in USA but are currently not available in Sri Lanka. So aspiring businessmen, this is your chance to bring these products down to Sri Lanka, assured that it can bring you success. Otherwise, I hope these ideas can inspire in some way to embark on your own unique business journey.



Smartphones are changing our lives in so many ways with amazing apps that we use on a regular basis. In today’s technology-driven world, they have even changed door locks- that’s how big an impact technology has had. There is this new product known as the UniKey which is effectively something that enables you to unlock the door with your Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone. The lock has no key and no digits to punch into a keypad. All you have to do is walk to the door with your Smartphone in your pocket, touch the lock and voila- you can open your door. If your phone battery dies or you forget to bring your phone, the lock would still work normally with a standard metal key.

Interchangeable Straps

trimi-tanksWomen have plenty of wardrobe woes where they tend to feel that no matter how many dresses they have, it stills feel insufficient. This is where something like the TriMi Tank, which is a basic tank top that comes with removable, interchangeable straps. Every tank top comes with three sets of straps to mix and match, making it practically a 3-in-1 dress. Needless to say, the ladies in Sri Lanka will be obsessed with something like this!

Truck Mattress

products-airbedzTake your favourite mattress anywhere you go with this original truck bed air mattress. There are some custom designed air mattresses that are especially designed in order to fit in the beds of pickup trucks. The mattresses also have cutouts on its sides, making it easier to go around and over the wheel wells. It also creates a sleep area that uses the entire bed of the truck. A simple built-in pump can deflate or inflate the mattress with a mere push of a button.

Sippy Cups

sippy-cupMany pediatricians advise the use of straw cups instead of the usually sippy cups because the dental benefits of using straws. Many kids’ bottles also have spill-proof valves that make it really difficult to drink from and also a tiresome job of cleaning. Moreover, little kids also struggle with straw cups because it only works well if held upright. The cup illustrated below removes all these challenges by using a flexible straw with a heavy end, keeping the bottom of the straw in the liquid at all times. This also allows your toddler to drink easily when the cup is tilted to its side. The handle is very easy to hold and could be removed with a quick twist, making this cup perfect in a cup holder as well. This award-winning cup is designed very creatively and looks awesome as well so your kids will love it. Mums in Sri Lanka would no doubt love it too!

Instant lifts for shaping arms, tummy and thighs

Weight loss is a huge challenge and sometimes, no matter how much we diet, those unsightly cellulite just doesn’t disappear. Skinnies offer a quick solution to this problem. This product is a clear skin adhesive that provides amazing smoothing and lifting results. It’s very easy to apply and can be worn the whole day with no discomfort at all. Simply remove it once you’re done. Because Skinnies are transparent and designed to be worn on bare skin, it doesn’t need to be hidden under the clothing and wont make you feel bulky as well. Moreover, it’s sweat proof as well and won’t budge, even in Sri Lanka’s humid climate. Those who have lost weight of recently had a baby knows what it’s like to have excess skin on the belly, the flabby arms and so one. Skinnies is the instant, invisible lift that can make women looks perfectly in shape. Need I say that the women in our country would love this?

Technology enabled clothing

Techy people know that they have plenty of gadgets to carry around with them and this can be a real trouble sometimes. You’ve got to carry your phone, your digital camera, laptop, tablet, headset, etc and TEC, or Technology Enabled Clothing, allows you to carry and access all your devices from hidden pockets in the lining of your clothing.

Dryer attachment

This is a very simple device can not only save energy but also your money. The device filters and directs the hot air that is needed to dry your clothes. This dryer attachment doesn’t waste any energy and allows the hot air that is usually send through a vent to be used in order to heat your house during cooler climates.

Clip for glasses

products-readerestEyeglasses are expensive and losing or damaging it can be a huge loss. For people who don’t wear eyeglasses all the time, there is the common worry of misplacing their glasses. You could hang it on the neck of your dress but it almost always slides on to the floor when you bend over. Even if tuck your glasses into your dress pocket, it can fall off and if you place it on the top of your head, you search for it everywhere except where you put it. With a Readerest clip, all these issues can be resolved. The small clip attaches to your dress by a magnetic steel plate and the arm of your glasses fits perfectly in the clip, keeping it safe from any damages. It’s a very simple clip but it can go a long way in allowing you to never lose hold of your glasses again.

Last Lid

last-lid-garbage-coverSomething as simple as a missing garbage lid that can potentially turn into a thriving business? Exactly. The Last Lid is a testament to this. A fabric replacement for your garbage cover, Last Lid is the last garbage lid you will ever need. It is made out of military grade flexible polyethylene and is machine washable, weather proof and animal proof as well.


ShowNo Towel

showno-towel-2This is a great product that’s actually a towel that allows for some privacy when changing the bathing suit and functions as a coverall. The towel has a slit at its center through which your child’s head should go through. The rest of the towel can be draped around the child’s body, keeping them covered while they changed out of their wet clothes. The product will also keep children dry at the pool or even during bath time.


Clean Bottle

clean_bottleAlmost all of us have a reusable water bottle that we take around with us. This is a great thing to do, even from an environmental perspective, but it comes with one annoying problem- you can’t get to the bottom of the bottle to clean it thoroughly. Bottled that are used frequently can get dirty very soon and Clean Bottle is the world’s only bottle that can be unscrewed from the bottom as well as the top so it can be cleaned perfectly. Because the removable bottom and top allows the bottle to dry out quickly, it ensures that the bottle is clean at all times. The drinking nozzle could be removed and sanitized as well. This is really something school kids, in particular, would need.