Entering the world of business is very challenging but the fruits of labor that come with establishing a business is truly worth it when we see the rewards of our work. In today’s dynamic business world, more people are considering starting a home-based business and for good reasons too. It’s a calculated risk to take but one that could very well pay off. Below, I have compiled a list of some creative business ideas that have the potential to become a flourishing investment in Sri Lanka. Most of the below mentioned businesses can actually be started by anyone and would require a certain level of specialized knowledge in that specific designation but it could certainly take you on the right path or even inspire another business idea in you.

  1. Human Generated Electricity

nPower PEG was the very first human powered charger for devices in the world. It uses kinetic energy that we create as we walk or run or even move around, thereby giving us 100% green electricity whenever we need it. In Sri Lanka in particular, where the electricity bills are constantly on the rise, there is no doubt that something like this could actually be a massive hit among fitness enthusiasts, those looking to cut down on additional costs and for anyone who are passionate about going green.

  1. Incredibly sturdy butcher blocks

Housewives would certainly relate to the scenario of purchasing a wooden block for kitchen use and then having to discard it soon due to the lack of quality. Owing to this, people are willing to pay more if it means that the product will be both, durable and beautiful. If you can manage to manufacture the highest quality wooden kitchenware made out of solid hardwood, women in particular, would love it. Ensure that the pieces highlight the natural grain of the wood so it adds to the aesthetic appeal. This idea drew inspiration from the Vermont Butcher Block and Board Company that manufactures premium quality butcher blocks that have four rubber feet at the bottom which are secured with stainless steel screws to make sure that the board stays in place and doesn’t slip. Additionally, these boards are also gentler on the knives and are more resistant to damage.

  1. Balance bicycle with no pedals

All of us love to pedal bicycles and in our childhood especially, we were been obsessed with riding one. Children between the ages of 2 ½ and 5 ½ usually ride a bicycle balanced on training wheels. However, a balance bicycle without pedals such as the KaZAM Bikes offers a wonderful and safe alternative. These bicycles take the focus away from paddling and places it on the balance and steering, making it a very easy and safe way to teach our kids how to ride a bicycle. These balance bicycles actually don’t depend on the pedals for movement; rather, kids would use their feet in order to propel themselves forward and as they generate more momentum, they can focus on the steering.

  1. Filtered water bottle

Water, as we all know, is the most important resource in the world and having fresh and clean drinking water is exceptionally crucial for our health. However now, with various pollutants contaminating the water, the need to drink filtered water is very important. This is why I believe a filtered water bottle can be a very successful business in Sri Lanka. Something like the Gobie H20 filtered water bottles is truly a great idea. The bottles are designed with a built-in filter that is ergonomic and is capable of removing any harmful elements from tap water. The carbon-based filter removed chlorine, odors and minerals from tap water, leaving it refreshing and clean water that is safe to drink. These filtered water bottles are a great option for school-going children, those who go to work, and basically for everyone who would like to drink safe, clean and healthy water.

  1. Natural sugar skin care products

Women love cosmetics and they are happily willing to splurge money on skin care products that actually work. Simple Sugar is a popular line of skin care products that are designed for those with sensitive skin and the natural sugar scrubs are very effective in gently exfoliating and nourishing the skin. Introducing a skin care product such as this is Sri Lanka has great potential and the ladies would truly love it. The sugars can successfully remove dead cells and allows oils to penetrate through so the result with be smooth, moisturized and great looking skin without having to use too many products.

  1. Beanbag chair and bed in one

Having to prepare a good place for guests to relax at home is a worry most homeowners have. With Corda-Roy’s Beanbag chair and bed, you can now offer a very comfortable experience for your guests and your family members to lounge, sit back and even sleep in total comfort. This is a very stylish accessory that can be easily converted from a beanbag chair to a comfy mattress with an easy zip. Kids can hang out in the beanbag chair as they play their favourite games or watch TV and when it’s time to sleep, they just need to lay it flat and it becomes a soft and plush mattress. The beanbag is a great addition to take on a family vacation too.

  1. Acupressure wristband for nausea

Acupressure is a technique that has been successfully used for centuries and is gaining global recognition as a very effect drug-free way of managing nausea caused by anesthesia, morning sickness, motion sickness and chemotherapy. The Psi Bands are a line of acupressure wristbands that can prevent nausea and it comes with a pressure dial with over fifty setting so you can fine tune and find the best fit for you. A product such as thing can certainly be very beneficial for the pharmaceutical industry of Sri Lanka.


  1. Airtight plate topper to cover leftovers


Many housewives in Sri Lanka use plastic containers and wraps to store or cover food but these products can actually cause a number of problems. Tupperware lids can easily crack and cling wrap, as we know, can be very messy most the time. However, a convenient cover such as the plate topper can transform any plate into an airtight container so food can be stored with no hassle. All you need to do is hold and press down the handle to create an airtight seal that is strong enough that you could even suspend the plate in mid-air. To release the seal, the tab has to be lifted and pulled and the food is ready to serve. It works on china, plate and even the kitchen counter and I’m sure housewives would fall in love with a product like this because it can go a long way in preventing messy spills and simplify your kitchen work for you.


  1. Organic Laundry Soap


Many people are looking for healthy safe and organic alternatives t the daily products they use because it’s definitely better for you, your family and the environment. There are numerous green household cleaners in Sri Lanka but it’s hard to find an organic laundry detergent. Something like Eco nuts could work very well. This is an organic, all-natural laundry detergent that does an impressive job is cleaning while reducing the impact on the environment and removing any residual chemical buildup. This product is also a good choice for people who suffer from allergies or sensitive skin problems. What’s more, this product is available in a small box that does as much laundry as a standard bottle of laundry detergent.


  1. Modern wall planters


Contemporary interiors are picking up in popularity in Sri Lanka and wall planters are a key component of modern home décor, a magnetic wall planter and organizer can add a very modern and sleek look to your house while at the same time, save space. The steel construction board can be easily mounted to the wall and it serves as a canvas for you to either, add plants, arrange books, or basically anything. It is also perfect for hanging plants in your living room, organizing tools in the kitchen or garage and store products in the bathroom.


I hope the above ideas have sparked some kind of inspiration for you to start our own business successfully. The key is to offer unique, helpful and good quality products without compromising on quality. If such is the case, customers would fight to grab your offers!