New Year with hopes and dreams……..


My journey at Epitom has been an epic one, right from the moment we officially started it in January 2011 up until today. When I started the company, I had high ambitions but to see how far the brand has grown today truly humbles me. With a relatively short period of time, we have gained significant momentum in the industry and we have been privileged to have served many different clients under our separate segments.

As a young and a very ambitious entrepreneur, I always believed that businesses, even small ones, can build a huge brand. This was why I started out three different ventures under the brand Epitom, each dedicated to a separate area of marketing. Epitom Consulting is the consultancy portfolio where we serve entrepreneurs, both from Sri Lanka and also overseas who are looking to start their very own ventures in the country. Our consultancy services are handled by expert consultants who have a genuine passion about marketing, allowing our customers to enhance and progress their brand by taking it to great heights.

As a corporate training body, Epitom Training is another venture of mine where we offer in-depth training courses specifically designed for the Sri Lankan corporate world. Our training sessions are conducted by experienced trainers and our in-house and public workshops are designed with practical sessions too, as we help up-and-coming passionate marketers the ins and outs of the industry.

To offer a more comprehensive dimension, Epitom Trinergy is the brand that offers full service digital marketing solutions that are tailored to our individual client’s brand. The synergy of three (thus “Trinergy”), our solutions cover internet marketing, application development and web development and designing, allowing our customers to reach out to new avenues and take their business to a whole new level. Epitom Trinergy is further divided into two sub-brands which are namely Epitom Digital and Epitom Tech.

Another separate venture of mine, which is yet fairly new but highly promising, is ODD Digital, where we redefine brands and offer digitally forward solutions. Established as a brand of ODD Digital is LAR, or Life After Retirement, which is a lifestyle portal for senior citizens in Sri Lanka that offers several facets and concepts under one platform. LAR aims at educating the senior citizens of our country on many different fields and also connecting them to professionals, corporations and individuals both locally and globally.

APIDM is another venture which is an incredibly proud to be a part of. APIDM (Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing) was initiated in 2009 and it an educational institute that offers professional training and qualifications in the fields of eMarketing, eCommerce, Social Media Marketing and Business Analytics. With a range of certification courses and corporate training workshop modules, APIDM possesses the best team of resource persons in this region for Digital Marketing training.

Needless to say, starting out on all these ventures were indeed and challenge and were it not for the support and help from my team and a lot of other people, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am today. I’m incredibly lucky to have a wonderful team that is passionate about the work they do, setting the perfect platform for all my ventures to create significant impact in the industry within a very short period of time.

I take this opportunity to offer my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped me on my journey so far, even in the smallest ways, because for me, even small gestures can bring about a huge change so thank you so much for making it possible!

Our passion for innovation, the creative solutions that we provide to our clients and the willingness to grow ourselves with each opportunity has allowed us to create great waves in the industry within a very short span of time.

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