Hot SEO trends 2009

Trying to going inline with all the changes in search engine optimization is a always a difficult task.  It’s an ever-changing industry with new trends and dimensions. SEO is still going to play a major impact on the online business. Currently I’m reading for me e-marketing award so tend to search for some trends about SEO and came across the followings from various webs. The trends are amazing anyway based on my experience I also got some points to tell.

1 – Google is going to remain the the top of the curve. According to Cnet Google conquered nearly 70% of Internet searches in year 2008. So what does this means? You all have to optimize your site for Google. It is also important to note that Google had made 400 changes in the algorithms as well.

2- Links are important. Get quality links pointing to your site. Do not forget to make your content in an exceptional quality. I think Google always monitor this because recently I have created a blog by doing continuous book marking. Within 2 weeks I got 1 PR. It remained for about 1 month and then again vanished. So make sure you get quality link without spamming. 🙂 Make your site more informative. Because recently based on research there are more “lookers” than “getters”. People search more for information than make a transaction. Even if you’re selling something, you must provide some free information that draws outside resources to your pages or you’re going to get left behind. Quality content = links = credibility = rankings.

3 – Viral and social media. I don’t care if your company sells bubble gum or $100,000 plastics injection molding equipment, you can benefit from social media. Set up an account on Twitter and Facebook and get connected. Social media (sites such as Facebook and Twitter) isn’t going anywhere. And more of your potential customers are using it to make connections. You should be, too. By being active in online communities, you can develop an audience

4- Based on the recent research I found that video optimization is also going to be a key in SEO. YouTube strategy need to be developed in order to get to the top position or organic ranking. This can be done easily I will post this as my next post. Where within 2 hours you can come to the first Google result page. My argument is if you are running a web site and if you are not getting in the top position then worst. But instead of page if your videos are in top position again you will find it good.

5 – With smartphones like the iPhone and new BlackBerry becoming wildly popular, local search is going to be huge in 2009. If your products appeal to people on the go, or if you have a local downtown shop of any kind, you need to get busy with LBL (local business listing) optimization. The next customer who drives right by your shop may have been looking for you at that very moment, and found nothing.

6- SEO now going to be the in house function. In order to cut cost firms are going to invest more on SEO internally by training and developing competent people in this area.

7. SEO Scams The downside of increased interest in SEO is that many small business owners will continue to spend money making unethical scam artists rich.

8. Personalized Search Results Personalization of search results has been simmering for a couple years now, but has started going mainstream recently. Google is leading the way with things like SearchWiki and Preferred Sites. Plus, things like your location, your recent searches, and which datacenter your search gets sent to can also impact the 10 search results you see at any given moment. It will continue to become more unusual to see the same 10 results when you and a friend in another state do the same search.

9. Local Search and Mobile Search Mobile search has been on the way for years, but it never arrived. Until now. Mobile search used to be as fun as root canal, but the growth of smartphones – fueled by the iPhone – means mobile search is more enjoyable, more productive, and more popular than ever before. If your business appeals to people who might be searching on the go, local SEO should be a high priority for you in 2009.

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