The Makings of Today’s Marketer

Today we operate in challenging world. The modern marketer’s big challenge is the rapidly changing customer needs and wants. As a marketer I came across these great points stated in an article in the Chartered Marketer Magazine written by my lecturer Mr.Prasanna Perera, a well known Sri Lankan Marketer and Marketing & Management Consultant. I think these points are fabulous for marketers. .

 Characteristics of the modern marketer

Today’s marketer needs to show the following traits and competencies

 1 – Creativity and innovativeness, specially the ability to challenge conventional methods of thinking and doing. Innovation is widely acclaimed as the single most important factor for corporate excellence. Marketers would do well to harness creative skills, by always challenging the “status quo”. For example, there are several innovative methods of distributing and marketing products and services.

 2 – Endurance is critical for the modern marketers, as markets today are characterized by phenomenal and perceptual change. In these challenging times, sheer grit and conviction become paramount. Marketers should remember the age-old cliché “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

 3- Absolute dedication and focus on customers at all times, striving to build relationships, by going that extra mile for the customer. Customers are not contented with marketers who merely satisfy their needs. They require modern marketers who will aspire to delight them.

 4 – Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to get along and get the best out of people. Marketing is after all, a team game and to play in the team marketers must be team players. Many well qualified marketers fail to produce results, as their leadership and team management skills are poor. It is worthwhile to reiterate that marketing is a practical discipline that requires execution skills. It is people that make it happen.

 5 – Strategic think is a must for the modern day marketer, contrary to the short-termism prevalent today. The modern marketer needs to be a visionary, with abilities to chart the future of their brands.

 6 – Supreme self-confidence and positive attitudes are vital characteristics. This only comes with a comprehensive knowledge of your products and brands, organization, markets and job. Technical knowledge if technical products are marketed is a must. This is an area where marketers have been found wanting.

 7 – Analytical skills: Modern marketers need to have an inquiring mind, supported by the willingness to analyze things. Perhaps the detective skills of a Sherlock Holmes and the analytical skills of a master strategist such as Ketan J Patel.

 8 – Dynamism and initiative are two other vital characteristics. Basically, the ability to make things happen and to act faster and smarter.  Present day marketers should be able to think and act their feet. Changing markets require swift decisions, to capitalize on evolving market opportunities.

 This list is by no means exhaustive. However, they are probably the most important characteristics. Some of these have to be developed consciously in order to do so, skill development training should be undertaken, both on- and off-the-job.