Business Consultancy in Sri Lanka

Epitom is a business consultancy firm dedicated to help businesses to grow in their industry. We assist our clients in the field of marketing, management, finance and other areas of the business.

We serve our clients

  • by performing business planning which would help to unleash clients’ full potential
  • by developing customized business plans
  • by providing marketing consultancy to improve the sales of the clients
  • by launching e-marketing and loyalty marketing consultancy services which are aligned with the latest trends in the business world
  • by conducting workshops and training programs for the corporate which is aimed to create and enhance the knowledge base of Sri Lankans through an utmost package of talents, experiences, skills, etc.

Epitom is passionate about exceeding our clients’ expectations in all possible aspects of business. We attempt to achieve this through providing additional advisory services and recommendations to our clients to explore new business opportunities, to launch new ventures, to solve business problems, to improve business processes and many more.

Our Vision

To be the first choice in the business consultancy and advisory field of Sri Lanka

Our Mission

To be the best consultancy and advisory service provider who works tirelessly to become the top-notch in the industry by offering uncompromisable business consultancy and advisory services through an exceptional professional approach which ensures clients are successful, competitive and comfortable within their markets.

Our Philosophy

We believe our excellent professional competency, unparalleled expertise, uncompromising business ethics, optimum efficiency and passion for unconditional customer satisfaction drive all our efforts in serving our clients with highest quality of services and guarantee their success.