YouTube for online marketing success

I have done so many promotions on YouTube but still i didn’t see a good result. I found it difficult to identify what actually went wrong. For each and every video there are more than 500 views but there is no lead generation or transaction.

Luckily yesterday an online seminar on YouTube marketing finally cleared all my doubts and worries and i was amazed how YouTube can be used for market products online.  Here few points i have taken from the seminar

The Target Audience profile is age in between 18-55 but the core audience are 18-34.  YouTube also gets 100 millinon views per day and 50% visitors return to the site once a week. A YouTube user watches 39 videos per month and 52% of the users always share videos.

What a YouTube video can do for your product or service?

1- Brand Awareness

2- Product prmotion

3- Direct sales

But remember YouTube has to be your part of the marketing mix and also avoid making it as a main channel for promotion and distribution. Make sure you target new audience as well as existing ones.

What actually doesn’t work on YouTube?

If you try to run an existing commercial it will not work becuase the audince are young and active. This was a mistake i did earliere in my videos. My videos published are totally comercial oriented.

The next reason for failure is traditional thinking. When creating videos should be creative and need to look the top of the ice berg rather than watching the below surface.

What actually works then?

Remember the points below are very valuable and these are the areas most people fail to looks at.

The video should be informative. Try to offer industry trends, news, process and tips related to the business. If people see that this video will help for their purchasing they will come back if they are willing to go for other purchase.

Try to educate the visitors. Eg- How to book a better travel agency, tips to book a better holiday. Make sure your contents are always relevant to the industry you operate.

The audience are very active and young. So definitely you should be able to entertain your audience.Even though if its something commercial try to add some entertaining contents in the video.  The audience should interact with the video start to end. This video really attracts me a lot.

So the key aspects when creating videos are

  • Not to hard sell
  • should be informative and not commercial
  • Unique value
  • Lead it to your web to make a sale

I also found there are many ways to promote the YouTube videos, such as

  • sending emails to the existing customers. This will create a online buzz
  • Try to include the videos codes in the blog and then do all possible ways to promote your blogs as well.
  • Try to use the features on YouTube, sharing option, create groups, subscribe, join community, take part in discussions
  • Make use the power of social networking

Now i’m very clear on this topic and now i’m formulating a plan based on this. Will post here again if it works well.