Holiday Bungalow in Sri Lanka – The village home for investment

I visited Kandy last month for training and stayed in a nice holiday bungalow. It’s a very traditional and eco free place. It was only ten days ago in early Dec, that I sat out with my collogue in the verandah in that home after a heavy dinner. It was  pitched dark and so  silent, calm and quite. It was like the world was absolutely still. After years, I too could hear the frogs making such a noise with the evening showers. They sound so happy and continued till I fell asleep.

Suddenly my mobile rang, it was a thundering noise. It would have been heard   by   any person, even 500 yards away. In Colombo it is not even heard within the home. That was the silence that I am talking of.

Thereafter, it was just one sleep and I was up  only with the many  serene voices of the     birds led  by the cock a doodle do as he wakes the whole village. Thank god, it was not by a screaming bus or a three wheeler that is so common in the city.

I was up in a flash and as I opened the front door, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have never seen two huge eagles on any lawn the noise and the sound they created, as they  flew was never heard before   and still it lingers in my ears.

I have enjoyed the evening and the morning at that home and I thought just had a chat with the owner and I got to know he is planning to sell the house to the investors. It’s lovely place for a travel holiday bungalow. People those who buys it will definitely earn great profit in future and many more. I have got some snap shot of the place, see those below – contact me if you are interested ragulfun at