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  1. 16 Products ideas to start a business in Sri Lanka– One
    (Ideas – LED Backlit car stickers, Handsfree Umbrella, Sunbath the comfortable way, Creative Bobbleheads, A folding Guitar, Branding Grills, No more embarrassing moments, Re-invented ice cream float,Costume makeover for your old fridge, Hygienic Play-pen, Educational Flash Cards, Inspiring messages in the gift products , Chopstick Baskets, Make your kids love medicine)
  2. 9 products and service ideas to start a small business in Sri Lanka – Two
    (Ideas – Toilet training for your kitty, Child seat-cum luggage, Pogo Sticks, Make those wild collars stay, Interchangeable Shoe, Sweeping made easy, Nasal screens, cooking alarm clock, Rental service for toys)
  3. 11 products ideas for Sri Lankan Market  – Three
  4. 10 ideas to kickstart your business – Four
  5. More to come

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