Strategy Sri Lanka- I feel I had missed them…

Communicate like Obama

Present like Steve Jobs

Negotiate like Donald Trump

Sell ideas like Richard Branson

Strategize like Tzun Tzu

Today it was a very useful day for me. Morning I attended a workshop organized by Strategy Institute held at Excel World. It was a last minute decision as the facilitators were good industrial experts. So I made up my mind attend this workshop.  One of the facilitator, Mr.   Lewie diaz is one of my favorite lecturer and although  I have heard about the other two facilitators, I did not get chance to study under  them. I cancelled my lecturing class in the morning and attended this workshop.  It was a fantastic and very useful one for me.  Lewis Diaz, Shehan and Yasus Hewage were the three conductors who facilitated the workshop. The topics were about “Communicate like Obama and Present like Steve jobs” Which was done by Lewie Diaz , Negotiation by Shehan and Strategy and Career Management by Yasus. I’ was  really impressed with the way they explained everything. At the end Yasus mentioned that “ you guys will forget once you go out of this class”,  but I don’t think I will forget the input I achieved  from the workshop, and decided to  put those in to practice.

“Communicate like Obama and Present like Steve jobs” Was the topic presented by Lewie Diaz, one of my favorite marketing lecturer.  It was about doing perfect presentation. He mentioned 8 rules that a good presenter should follow and it has got imprinted in my mind.  I thought of sharing them with you all. I was worried that I didn’t possess a note book with me to note down the  important points delivered  by them,  but as I was eager to take down them and I used my phone as a notebook.

Rule One – Break the ice –   imprinted

Rule Two – Body Language

Rule Three – Control Nervousness

Rule four – Vocal variety

Rule five – Use rhetorical devices

Rule six – Story telling and anecdotes

Rule Six – I missed this one J

Rule Seven – Be yourself

Rule Eight – Keep it simple

He mentioned many tactics under each rule which were perfect and I gained a lot of knowledge from his presentation today.  Each and every rule was further strengthened by suitable video clips, and these will be posted in my next post.

The next one was from Sheehan; he explained everything with more practical and it was really interesting as well, and at the last Yasas Hewage.  Some of my colleagues are working under him and always says that it was a pleasure to listen to Yasas.  Today I realized that it was simply true because the presentation given by him was really superb. At the beginning he raised a question for the audience asking why we were there. I replied saying “I want to build my own brand”, but he misunderstood my version assuming that I was talking about a personal brand for myself. What I really wanted was to build my own business in Sri Lanka. I learned a lot from him as well.

Now I have completed my CIM but I feel the people who follow CIM at strategy are lucky to get these people as lecturers. I thought in future not to miss any workshops organized by the above lecturers.

I am not going to forget what I learned and gained from this workshop.  I am also glad to state that I won a raffle book titled “Trout on Strategy” which is also very useful.  Today was a great day for me.