Epitom wins coveted ‘Best Global Training and Development Leadership Award’ at the World HRD Congress – 2017


Epitom is extremely proud and privileged to have won the ‘Best Leadership Training Award’ at the recently concluded World HRD Congress that was held in Mumbai, India. Organized by the World CSR Day, the World HRD Congress covers many key areas such as strategic HRM, employee engagement, talent managements and recruiting and much more attracting delegates from many countries, making the conference a congregation of talents learning and sharing their skills towards technological advancement.

As a progressive corporate training organization, Epitom Training connects trainers and organizations and we have successfully conducted more than 500 internal trainings, 20 courses with three courses presently being conducted and 60 public workshops. We offer training in English, Sinhala and Tamil and are proud to have trained over 10,000 people. Receiving the Best Leadership Training Award gives global recognition to our work in training and developing future professionals and leaders, who are our greatest asset towards the development of our country and industry. Epitom Training has stepped into a new paradigm of corporate training and we are focused towards striving to reap outstanding outcomes through our sustainable training and development practices.

The training period commenced in the year 2011 and we would like to extend our gratitude to the trainers who were with us in our initial stages. At Epitom Training, we have continuously worked towards innovation and empowerment to help individuals achieve higher benchmarks of performance through a consistent framework of development and learning. We have worked hard to make this a reality and are honoured to have received this global recognition as a testament to our training approach. While receiving the Best Leadership Training Award is indeed a huge milestone for us, we are looking forward to serving the industry with more innovation in the future.

1800 delegates from 108 countries attended the World HRD Congress and the event served as an ideal platform that offered exceptional networking opportunities and extensive approaches towards understanding the key workplace ethics and issues that play a key role in the fast-paced business environment of today. The best world trainers from USA, Australia, Singapore and India offers great insight on the topics that covered ‘Innovation at the wings of eye’, ‘Storytelling’, ‘Building resilient organizations’, ‘Ignite and excite me, ‘People management’ and ‘The world needs your story’.