Google My Business Insights updates its analytics whilst removing Google+ Source Data


It’s a unanimously accepted fact that search engines are now the most popular way in which people find information regarding local businesses. Countless business owners now rely on Google My Business to expand their company’s online presence and reach out to potential clients on Google Maps and Searches. In effect, an average Google My Business listing gets five times more views than any other listing that has not been claimed by its owners.
Google recently announced that they are updating the insights feature of Google My Business and now, business owners can view comprehensive analytics around how people locate and interact with their Google local listings. The additional features also comprises of a breakdown of how many people are actually viewing your listing via Google Search against Google Maps. The Insights section plots data in a clear way, complete with the total amount of views on both, Google Search and Google Maps with a graph depicting listings on Search and Maps.
Additionally, Google will also show business owners how users have located your listings, whether it was through a direct click or a search, known as “discovery”. Direct click refers to when a client finds your listing by searching for your business address or name and discovery is when a client locates your listing by searching for a product, service or category.
With this exciting new upgrade, Google has also announced that they are removing Google+ statistics from the dashboard. The in-depth insights update on understanding how clients are finding your business on Google will go a long way in promoting and maintaining your business online.


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