As the largest business networking organization in the world, BNI has established more than 7,500 chapters worldwide and with the recently launched chapters in Sri Lanka, BNI offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs. Following the inauguration of the new chapters in Sri Lanka, BNI launched its one-day interactive business networking workshop at the Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo.

The fully sold out event was a great hit with the participation of people across different industries and companies including directors, entrepreneurs and various other professionals. Known for its reputation of creating prospective business opportunities and gaining invaluable credibility and exposure to any business, BNI Sri Lanka provides veterans as well as aspiring businessmen the ideal platform to send out the message of their business. Owing to the fact that the meeting was fully sold out, there were great prospects for members and participants to interact with others and build their network.

In addition to providing invaluable insight into how new ventures in business can be explored through networking and how to enhance any business strategy, the BNI networking workshop also gave budding entrepreneurs the ideal opportunity of meeting new people across various industries. Networking is a crucial feature of any business and through this workshop, members and participants, who include professionals and entrepreneurs also increased their business reputation and confidence in networking with each other. Besides creating opportunities on an individual level, this workshop also helped organizations to expand their business networking sphere on numerous levels.

The workshop was aimed towards helping professionals, entrepreneurs, marketers and directors to establish new relationships and educate them on how they can make their business more appealing to their audience. And the workshop taught precisely that- how to develop a business in an attractive and effective way.

BNI Sri Lanka is immensely pleased with the turnout for the workshop and will be planning more interactive workshops in the future.


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