BNI Sri Lanka launches its third chapter


BNI successfully launches its 3rd chapter in Sri Lanka and opens up many prospects for aspiring entrepreneurs

BNI is the largest business networking organization in the world and the BNI Sri Lanka launched its third chapter in Sri Lanka on the 3rd of June at OZO Colombo. This is the third successful Sri Lankan chapter that represents BNI worldwide from various industry fields.

Regional Director Brigadier J P A Jayawardane, Assistant Director Major General Nimal Krishnaratne , Ambassador Anjana Gunathilake and Ambassador Sanjeev Pushparajah were present for the launch. The BNI Sri Lanka Achievers Chapters leadership team is headed by Mr. Amuthan Nadarajan, the president, Mrs.Anandhi Vythilingam as vice president and Mr. Sunimal Opatha as secretary/ treasurer..

As the world’s largest business networking, referrals and word-of-mouth marketing organization, BNI has more than 200,000 members in over 7,500 chapters worldwide. Spread over 64 countries, the extensive BNI network offers plenty of opportunities for members to collaborate and share contacts, ideas and business referrals. This makes it the ideal networking space for entrepreneurs who rely on referral marketing to expand their business horizons.

With a solid global presence, BNI offers numerous business opportunities where members can take their business to the next level by using structured, dependable and professional word-of-word referrals. A successful business relies heavily on word-of-mouth advertising and BNI has consistently generated larges amounts of referrals and members have successfully augmented their business through this platform. Speaking about the BNI network, Ambassador Anjana Gunathilak said “The mission of BNI is to assist members to augment their business and develop long-term relationships with qualified business professionals that will substantially expand your business”.

With the launch of the third chapter, members gained access to an online portal where all BNI members worldwide are connected. Through this, members can find suppliers, business partners and showcase their business to members from all over the world. Speaking about how the launch of this new chapter can help aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr. Amuthan Nadarajan said, “Referrals are an important part of any business and through BNI Sri Lanka Achievers Chapter, members can expand their professional network, develop key networking skills, grow their business and create important business relationships”.

The launch of this new chapter opened up many arenas for entrepreneurs to explore and witness how business networking and referral marketing can help grow any business.


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