How you would like to start your day?

Everyone has their own way to start a day. Some stay awake till late night and get up around 8 am in the morning and rush to work or school or anywhere they are supposed to be. Some sleep early and wake up early to do their work. Obviously there is a set of people who go to bed early but get late to wake up.  I have done all the above so I thought of sharing something that worked-out well for me and which I find more effective and productive.

By this time you might have realized about what I am going to talk about. The OBVIOUS FACT which has been overlooked! I would like to make this possible for everyone by following a few steps.

As coined by Benjamin Franklin, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”, was not the theory which I followed during my school and university period. I was a person who stayed awake all night but then would get up early and go to work or school or university. It worked very well for me those days. Starting from my advanced level to higher education to the professional educational to my work life it worked well and I was able to achieve much and accomplish various things.

However it did not work out very well when I started my own venture. I followed the same routine but I started to realize that I was not productive during the daytime. Later, I discovered something very interesting and thought it worth sharing with others.

Some Tips that I found Useful and Productive


  • A productive day does not depend on the morning; it depends on the previous day. Especially if you are into your own business staying up late in to the night will not make your next day very productive. Go to bed early and avoid watching TV, eating late etc. Have your dinner early and when going to bed listen to some soft music. From the first day I started to practice this I found it amazing as it encourages a peaceful sleep. I found after practicing this, my sleep did not get interrupted. Some of the music that I playfrequently in the mornings and night.
  • Get up early. Make sure you sleep 6 to 8 hours and wake up accordingly in the morning. Once you get up just go out for a walk, and do at least a 10 minute exercise / workout. Those days I never did any exercise in the morning or walking. Later I found a video on Youtube regarding a morning 10 minutes physical exercise. It was really amazing and now I find my day more productive. I’m not quite sure if the physical exercises shown in the video are recommended or accurate, but I find it effective.
  • If you get enough time in the morning make use of it to think of something creative, new ideas and any business plans. Do not spend that precious morning moments in checking mails, checking social media networks, answering calls unless it’s really important. Morning times should be allocated for creativity and innovation which are the keys for successful Entrepreneurship. You will definitely find ideas flowing and you will feel refreshed. You can even make use of this morning time to find solutions for your organizational problems. Allocate mornings for planning and strategizing.
  • Alternatively you can develop a morning hobby if you prefer. When I shifted to a new house which had some spare space in front, I started doing some gardening. In that small space, I planted some trees and each morning I spend some time there, looking at them grow. Definitely this refreshes my mind and thoughts.
  • Most of us get into a bad mood when we drive along the Colombo roads. Getting pissed off at the drivers who break the road rules and become a problem for other drivers is unavoidable. Make a practice of driving carefully and staying cool. Be calm and do not yell or get mad at others. First of all try to forgive the drivers who make mistakes and who do not care about others. Also listen to some calming music while driving.

These are just my opinions and the ways which help me to proceed with new ideas that become a daily boost.

Nothing is wrong in trying some good things and experience by yourself. Start today itself!


3 thoughts on “How you would like to start your day?

  1. to add something i practice these days and getting lot of results:
    1. go to bed by 10.30pm (think about tomorrows schedule and jolt it down before you sleep, preferably on a paper because when we use phone/ipad etc we forget the work and get distracted!)
    2. Wake up by 5 or 5.30am.
    3. If possible 10mins workout as Ragulan said. In worst case just some breathing exercises.
    4. Get in car by 6.30am and drive to office – you will save more than 45min to 1hr.
    5. Start work 7am and effectively you add high quality 1.5hrs to the day!!!

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