Are you getting the maximum from your repeat guests?

Epitom Consulting

So far we have analyzed several hotel marketing tips and ideas that are especially relevant in the Sri Lankan context. In this post we are proposing a few tips to develop your own Sri Lankan hotel loyalty programme that would definitely help your hotel build a more loyal guest base.

How many of you are aware that your guests could be the best promoters of your hotel. It is a bitter truth that customer loyalty in the travel industry is vanishing. According to Deloitte research just 14% of air travel customers are loyal to the airlines that they usually travel with and only 8% of the hospitality customers stay loyal to the hotel brands. You might have noticed that the repeat purchase rate increases when you run promotions and deals. However those in the hospitality sector are still finding it difficult to build a strong loyalty among guests.

In the context of Sri Lanka, though there is no strong data evidence on the loyalty statistics, still most of the hotels do not think of the benefits of value driven, emotionally connected loyalty programmes. Most of these hotel marketing programmes in Sri Lanka just focus on some sort of random promotions which are strongly supported by real loyalty programmes. So how can a hotel increase loyalty by creating an emotional connection with the guests rather just trying to roll out promotions and deals?

Let’s start from the beginning itself. Read the entire article here

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