Guerilla Marketing and Traditional Old Fashioned Marketing


Things that you expected today cannot be predicted tomorrow. Marketing arena is one of the biggest victims of rapidly changing phenomena. It evolves every day.

Big corporations and Multinationals possess big Marketing budgets. However Small and Medium Enterprises cannot afford for a big marketing budget. Sometimes they have to hammer these big corporations and Multinationals with this mini knife. However sometimes mini knives can create big damage to giants. That is why I say the Marketing arena is evolving and it is completely dynamic.

I always see Guerrilla Marketing as a SMEs’ strategy which do not rely on the brute force of an out-sized marketing budget instead it depend on vivid imagination.  Rather than talking about what is Guerrilla Marketing, I thought of sharing my views towards the difference between Guerrilla Marketing and Traditional Marketing. In my next post I will be covering in-depth Guerrilla marketing tactics.

1-      In Traditional Marketing, if you want to market your product and service you just invest money. However Guerrilla Marketing operates other way around. If you want to market your product and service, you do not have to invest money, if you are willing to invest time, energy, imagination and information are more than enough to capture the market.

2-      Traditional Marketing geared towards big business, but the soul and spirit of Guerrilla Marketing is small business, especially companies with big dreams and tiny budgets.

3-      Traditional Marketing counts the Fanpage likes, website visits etc. to measure the performance of a campaign, but Guerrilla Marketing mantra is to measure anything with profit. It pays attention to the bottom-line.

4-      I have seen many big companies in Sri Lanka diversify their efforts and get into hot water because it led them away from their core competency. Guerrilla marketing suggest, if you want to grow, grow it, but maintain the focus.

5-      Generally Traditional Marketing puts the efforts to make sales then forget about the entire thing.  Just a full stop is kept. But if you are a Guerrilla Marketer, you always keep the attention to the customers and focus more on after sales service. This is how you create positive word of mouth and referrals.

6-      Traditional Marketing advises you to scan the competitors those who are similar to you. However Guerrilla Marketing is all about corporation.

7-      Traditional Marketing is always a “ME”marketing. Visit any website and observe, it will say About Us, About Our Product, Contact Us, About Our Management etc. But Guerrilla Marketing is all about “YOU” marketing.  Because customers never care about companies, they care about themselves, if you can talk to them about them, you will have their full attention.

8-      Traditional Marketers count money at the end of the day, but Guerrilla Marketers count new relationships to the business at the end of the day.

9-      Traditional Marketing has messages that are always aimed groups. It is simply the larger the group better the reach approach. But Guerrilla Marketing aims its message at individuals, towards the profitable niche.

10-   Traditional Marketing is unintentional, big companies spend millions in TV, Radio and Paper ad. But they always forget sometimes about the way calls and queries are answered, how the follow-ups are done, attire worn by the employees etc.  Guerrilla Marketing is always intentional. It pays close attention to all details of customers and the all contact points.

Though there are many to talk, these are some of the main pin points I have identified and wanted to share with you.

One thought on “Guerilla Marketing and Traditional Old Fashioned Marketing

  1. Hi Bro,
    It is a well written concise article, that pin points major differences between two distinguished marketing strategies, of course I’ve seen ample of “Guerrilla” marketing on the go, but never knew its called under such name.

    Thanks for your efforts to nurture non marketing professionals with marketing jargon and techniques, it will definitely add more value into our profession as well.

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