Marketing as a Vehicle???

How can you define marketing in an organization? I would simply define it as a vehicle…

Marketing takes the organization from where it is conceptualized or situated to the target audience. Since I think it’s apt to define marketing as a vehicle. Here I have referred a set of organizations as “conceptualized” because of the recent development of the virtual organizations which don’t have any physical existence. Importantly for this type of organizations marketing carries an extra burden of developing credibility over the organization.

The marketing vehicle which apparently carries the message from the organization can result in a good conditioned, smooth and speed travelling. On the other hand if poorly executed the same vehicle might result in a detrimental travelling. Ultimately the good or poor travelling impacts the bottom line of the organization. Hence it is vital to maintain the vehicle in good condition.

Maintaining a good conditioned marketing vehicle and safe journey is not that simple. There is always some inherent risks for which a vehicle and the journey are exposed to. This involves;

  • Correctly identifying your target market which is your final destination
  • Fixing the marketing budget which is your funding arrangement for the journey
  • Developing the correct marketing mix which is prearrangements done before a journey
  • Creating the marketing message which is the travelling done on the road
  • Preparing with contingency plans in case of any competitor counter attracts which is something similar to the precautionary actions taken against in a vehicle accidents etc

It is always obvious that depending on the destination the vehicle should be conditioned and repaired if necessary. Likewise the depending on the target market, their needs, their behaviors and their social status the marketing message should be designed.  Additionally it is important to confirm whether your marketing mix is strong enough to take the vehicle to the intended destination. For example the promotion pat can be executed very well. However if there is something seriously wrong with the product it is obvious that your organization wouldn’t enjoy repeat purchase and positive word of mouth. Finally the contingency plans in order to safeguard the vehicle. When you take a vehicle it may face unexpected accidents, road redirections, bad conditioned roads etc. Likewise the marketing vehicle too exposed to such adverse aspects. Hence it is always recommended to have plans and moves to face the counter actions taken by the competitors, governmental interferences, and unfavorable market conditions.

Once all of the above are ensured and looked after very well the marketing vehicle would definitely take you for a safe and successful journey.

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