PC House Sri Lanka – Negative turns to Positive

This is a very late post though, but I wanted to share my experience with the community. On September 24th I organized a workshop on Social Media Marketing and had a lot of hectic works. I’m using a Deskjet HP 1000 series. Since I had to take more prints for the workshop I sent a person to buy a cartridge for me.  Unfortunately I forgot to tell  the place where I usually purchase. She got a cartridge and bought it in a shop which belongs to PC House Sri Lanka, and the cartridge did not work on my printer. They had given a wrong / unsuitable one. When I went there to change it, they argued saying that they cannot replace it with a new one. I was terribly angry. Even the guys who were there were very rude and not friendly at all. I called the PC House and they gave me the Unity Plaza office GMs number. The gentleman was so polite and he apologized for the behavior of the stores employees. He promised me to send a technician to my office and as promised they arrived and replaced a new one.  When the store guys refused to replace the cartridge I was really upset and their behavior gave a negative impression but at the end of the day it turned out to be a happy customer and my purchase with PC House continues smoothly.


One response to “PC House Sri Lanka – Negative turns to Positive

  1. They have sold computers to thousands of customers through their outlets PC HOUSE, LEADER and PC PARTNER. These computers carry one year, two years and three years warranties for Monitors, Motherboards, memory Cards, Hard Disks etc. etc. Now PC HOUSE and LEADER outlets are closed and only the PC PARTNER is functioning. Their service centre PC ENGINEERING which was at Unity Plaza, Colombo 4 is also closed. There is no place to claim warranties now. PC PARTNER outlet does not accept equipments purchased from PC HOUSE and LEADER.

    My SAMSUNG Monitor purchased one year ago has three year warranty. Since it is not working properly, I took it and went everywhere to claim the warranty but there is no one to take it and I came back with the faulty monitor.

    These people should be hanged or subject to the capital punishment of stoning or stone throwing like in Middle East or their original place.

    Customers please do not buy computers from PC PARTNER outlets because it will also be closed very soon.

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