Refresh Colombo – Let’s get refreshed

I’m writing this post to tell about a gathering which I took part in Royal College, today- “Refresh Colombo” . Yeah I was refreshed today by a good initiative. It was a last time decision that I took to participate this event. I was planning to attend this for over 3 months but today only got the chance to be present.

The gathering started with two interesting videos, which I would like to share.

Since concept wise I’m too familiar with the topics the speakers addressed, but it was interesting to know about Sarvodaya-Fusion which is contributing towards the Sri Lankan knowledge economy.  These types of events are very important to people who seek knowledge in different areas and it is good for networking as well. I would say there is no sufficient awareness regarding this event. Since it has non- commercial objective there are several ways to attract audience for this event.

One of the speaker stated that she never watches the TV because the time she spend for one tele drama, she can make use of the time usefully by reading. Good one :-). It is also worthy to note that traditional media is using social media and it seems to be a good sign for social media marketing in Sri Lanka.

Hope I will not miss the future gathering of this community. Let’s get refreshed every month by attending this type of event.


3 responses to “Refresh Colombo – Let’s get refreshed

  1. Ragulan, Thanks for keeping record of the event.
    It is nice to see many people connecting, now at Refresh Colombo.
    BTW- My org is Sarvodaya-Fusion, not Fusion Lanka


  2. Hi Ragulan,

    Nice post on Refresh Colombo. Btw, I’m the girl who spoke on Social Media that day – the girl who doesn’t watch TV and rather tweet or blog during the time 😉

    I can’t begin to tell you how important it is to network in our modern society and thus how important a small but resourceful community such as Refresh Colombo is, at this day and age. I hope you continue to attend Refresh Colombo events. Planning ahead is going to be much easier now as we now have a list of all the 2011 events on the website –

    Hope to see you at January’s Refresh!

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