Social Media Marketing Workshop in Colombo – A Worthwhile Day

This is my first blog post after a long time period. Due to heavy work schedule I didn’t have enough time to write a post.  This post is depicted to give my feedback about a good workshop which I attended on last Saturday. The workshop was about “Facebook & Twitter. Your Customers are there. Are you?” organized by e-business academy in collaboration with Reblez.

First three speakers Suranga, Amitha and Indika are well known to me, and Sorav Jain who came from India is new to Sri Lanka. When I browsed the web site to get to know about him I found that he is the co-founder and CEO of Echovme Digital Marketing Agency. Since the workshop was conducted by four e-marketing specialist I cancelled all my work and was eager to learn new stuffs to implement them to my marketing consultancy and travel business.

Suranga’s presentation was good and I had also attended his previous workshops organized by e-business academy. He is a well known e-marketing guru in Sri Lanka. The topics he covered were not new to me since I attended the first Social Media Marketing workshop conducted solely by him. “The top 10 reasons on Why social media marketing “was explained with more practical examples and statistics. The insights mentioned by Suranga were highly important.

Amitha’s presentation helped me to think a lot; even when I was working with him I always used to see him as a strategic thinker, and observed the same in this presentation. ‘Peoplizing your brand’ a totally new concept I got to know. It was also interesting to learn the concept globalization of individuals simply all about empowering individuals controlling the world. The six reasons he mentioned to identify whether a brand is faceless or not, also gave me a valuable feedback towards my business.

I got to know Indika through presentation made the audience more interactive and active since it was so practical. ‘The Proven Tactics to Attract, Engage and Retain Your Fans’ would have been more useful but due to time restriction he couldn’t cover up during the presentation. It would have been better if he could cover this in another workshop since I found it very useful when I went through the CD tutorial given at the end of the workshop.

Sorav made a good presentation to cover up all about Twitter. I have created by Twitter account before 2 years back. But I didn’t actively involve myself in tweeting. Whenever I post a blog post I only used to tweet the posts. But after his presentation I promptly engaged myself more in Twitter. “Twitter Etiquettes” and “Twitter for business” were two interesting topics. His presentation was so clear and consistent. It was also interesting to see that he is a corporate trainer in India and a well-known Social media specialist.

In simple the day was spent usefully with many learning points from Suranga, Amitha, Indika and Sorav.  I’m looking for more workshops of this nature in trendy topics.

13 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing Workshop in Colombo – A Worthwhile Day

  1. Really glad that the content of the workshop met the expectations of the participants. Based on the feedback, we’ll do necessary improvements and move forward. Personally, I have the idea of expanding the practical aspects of the concept of “Peopleizing”

  2. Hey Ragul you should have told me about this workshop. Let me know when the next workshop going to be held…Also it would be great if you could send me the presentation slides of this workshop…

  3. Hi Ragulan, thank you for sharing your experiences at the work shop and it seems interesting. I’m a marketer specially interested in emarketing and looking forward to enhance my knowledge. Please do inform me when the next workshop is going to be held. thank you.

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