My discovery today- Marketing Lagniappe

Every day I assign at least 2 hours to read blogs and stumble on new and interesting marketing trends. Today my finding was interesting. Drewsmarketingminute, a marketing site contains really remarkable and vital marketing insights. I was impressed with the articles published in this site. Especially an article related to “marketing lagniappe”. First time I heard this concept and interesting too. What is “marketing lagniappe”? According to Drew, it is a small surprising extra gift or benefit presented by a store owner to a customer at the time of purchase. He says that every company should have a lagniappe in their culture, brand and marketing efforts. But I like the ingredients of lagniappe.

  1. Unexpected – The additional benefit you give away to the customer should be a surprise.
  2. Relevant – The benefit should give a worth to the customer.
  3. Unique – If you give them a very small gift, then make sure it is rare and unique to the business.
  4. Authentic – Also he says it becomes more about “how it is given to them” than “what is given”. A small gift communicates how well you care about them.

many times it comes down to the gesture.  It becomes more about ‘how’ it      is given, as opposed to ‘what’ is given. The small gift or extra communicates that you care about your client and you appreciate their patronage.

I really found these points very useful. These days companies do more promotions, give away , free discounts , gifts which are not expected by the customers, not relevant, not unique and even not authentic.  These organizations never think  from the customer’s side and they need sales and fail in the end. They never do it in style but they tend to copy and irritate customers.

I found a video related to this concept.


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