Customer Service – The Heart of Marketing

In the year 2010, customer service will play a key role in Marketing.  It is time to put forward exceptional and perfect customer service because it makes economic wisdom for every business. Well designed customer care programme is the only sustainable competitive advantage for any business. The following are the trends that everyone should watch in 2010.

1 – People will try harder to their level best. – The global economy is still trying to recover; still the unemployment rate records a high level. All the companies will try to increase their service quality by fine-tuning their customer care programme.

2 – It’s not company’s product – It is clear the products are delivered to the customers door steps. So the coming year will be a challenging one for companies because now best service is the only way to keep customers buying.

3 – Now it’s all about customers- Growth in technology has enabled the companies to personalize the offering based on customer characteristics and behavior. With the personalization of the internet world, well designed customer service will help the companies to create an edge.

4 – Buzz to the world – Online social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allows customers to articulate their happiness or frustration towards a particular brand instantly after interaction. Every satisfied customer will enhance the business by spreading positive word from mouth to mouth, but at the same time dissatisfied customers can damage a business very badly.  Forums and review sites are some of the important sources where customers will express their dissatisfaction about the brands which they dislike.

5 – Waiting is no more use – Now companies should avoid the lad time of email and call backs, and year 2010 customers are not going to wait for these types of communication. Now it’s time to solve the customers queries with a quick chat. For this purpose use of chat or video will play a major role and these are the stuffs customers also prefer.

6 – Outsourcing is out of the box – Most of the companies outsourced their customer service activities. Now it’s time to realize that most of the major companies faced drawback due to this attitude.  Hence the companies should recognize the importance of serving the customers directly and they must make use of their internal staffs to serve the customers better.

7 – Relationship will grow better – Now companies want to know about their customers more in detail than ever. In year 2010 companies will make sure they track the behavior of their customers very effectively than before.

8 – Data Data Data- The use of Data is going to play a major part in marketing. In the coming year marketers will try to get the maximum from the database and will try to perform a highly targeted communication. It’s going to be a data game.


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