– Comfort is not a crime

zapposWhile reading seths blog post about “Welcome to Isalnd Marketing” I came across this Zappos is an online shoes, handbags and purse seller which is famous for high end shoes Zappos Couture. It serves the niche shoe marketing and they has started to sell eyewear, appreal and watches as well as electronic devices.

Zappos is famous for its sales model. It totally focuses on loyalty and relationship marketing. The strong relationship marketing program helped the company to get more word of mouth recommendations and per year it gets over 60% repeat sales from the existing customers.. Zappos is famous for its service excellence and the main highlights are

  • Free shipping

  • A 365 days return policy

  • A 24/7 call center

Anyway after reading their success story and their service excellence I tried to find out any complaints about them. But all are against their competitors and most of them recommended to use See below the responses

“Stay away . . . use for shoes instead. Never had a problem with that company when buying shoes online. “

“If you have good customer service and treat your customers with respect, I will spend a lot of money (just ask!)” – an advice from a customer to Hands N Paws.

“I love,,, and Ebay for all my gear. These companies are reputable, cheap and fast. I hope someone reads these complaints before they order and not after.”

It shows the customers are pretty happy with Zappos specially the employees. In marketing we call employees as our internal customers. Caring, training, rewarding them will make the business a success in the industry. Zappos emphasis more on its core value and company culture. It core value is to deliver “wow” through service. By suitable training programs Zappos makes sure that all employees love their job not the money.

But according to the recent news it was announced on July 22, 2009 that will buy Zappos for $940 million in a stock and cash deal. I hope it gets more strength from a global giant and will deliver a superior value to customers than ever before.

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One response to “ – Comfort is not a crime

  1. A good post. Zappos is a more strategic firm, and it is always difficult for other firms to break their competitive edge. I have purchased with them before, their service was absolutely amazing..

    Los Angeles

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