Ringtone Marketing

RIng tone marketing

Ringtone Marketing. Ok, this one might not be earth bursting, but it’s full of fun. Sound is a great way to build brand recognition – think about all the jingles over the years that people could not get out of the head.

Mobile phone ringtones have become big business for indy artists and record labels and in Sri Lanka Airtel used it at maximum. Why not come up with or adapt some musical branding element that would make a great ringtone and put it on your phone, the phones of your sales folks and maybe even offer it to clients and web site visitors. That way, your musical jingle can make its mark everywhere cell phones ring – like, everywhere.

Creating one these is not that tough. It’s basically an mp3 file, ideally about 15-20 seconds in length. Spread it all over the market like Airtel did in Sri Lanka in their official launch. If you think about a real Ringtone marketing you should read this post. (Written by our e-commerce Manager)

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