Moment of Truth

Moment of truth

In the world customer relationships result from a series of moment of truth. “Moments of truth” make or break an organization’s relationship with its customers. Identify “MOT” in delivering a service and activities that may add further value, and assess their likely impact on customers and intermediaries. While reading something about “Moment of Truth” I came across this video of Steve Springfield, Frito-Lay, talks about this “Moment of Truth” and the collective influences that marketers need to consider.

Customer MOT can be defined as “In customer service, instance of contact or interaction between a customer and a firm(through a product, sales force, or visit) that gives the customer an opportunity to form(or change) an impression about the firm. Managing reputations and managing problems are especially important for service organizations. Services sell intangibles, through expectations and promises of what is to come. A critical moment, which forms or destroys the relationship with customers, is a “moment of truth” for service organizations, this is the point where the customer and organization come together.

 Also products of a company alone can no longer continue as a market leader, nor can products alone be depended upon to build a small business. In the market place companies across all the industries must  delight customers by providing them excellence service as their primary product.  Service excellence is the critical elemts for the organizations and the marketing expert like to name them “moments of truth”.

Jan Carlzon, former President of Sacandinavian Airline System (SAS says, “A Moment of Truth is an chapter in which the customer comes into contact with any aspect of the company, however remote, and thereby has an opportunity to form an impression.” Each customer contact is a unique, unrepeatable opportunity for a company to differentiate itself from the competition. Every decision should be made with the customer in mind and viewed as another opportunity to make a favorable impression. Unfortunately, failure to satisfy a customer on any Moment of Truth will quickly destroy the customer’s memory of good service. On the other hand, getting it right can erase all the wrongs that the customer previously experienced.
According to DONALD CONVERSE to build up a Moments of Truth marketer can use a simple five step process.

1. Identify and prioritize each customer episode or contact. This means thinking about every time the company comes in contact with an internal or external customer either in person, by phone or email, or through Company process or system (It can be remote interaction, phone interaction or face to face interaction)  Firms should then determine which of these customer contacts would have the most impact on customer satisfaction.

2. Develop alternative customer responses. Think of some alternative ways that could improve firm response in each of these customer contact opportunities.

3. Decide which responses will delight the customer. Choose the response that will most likely pleasantly surprise the customer and thereby not just meet, but exceeds their expectations. “Delight” Moments of Truth provide unexpected, thoughtful, delightful experiences for the customer. Knowing customers likes and dislikes makes this easier.

4. Create a service standard to ensure basic customer satisfaction. When a response delights the customer, think about writing it down and using it for all of the customers. That’s when it becomes a standard. Be careful, after a customer has become accustomed to this “delightful” Moment of Truth, they may begin to expect the experience and this becomes a “basic” Moment of Truth. Exceeding expectations requires a continual desire to improve. Firms will need to remain creative to continue to delight the customer.

5. Measure customer satisfaction on each Moment of Truth. Find a way to continually check to see if it’s time to improve or change the standard response. Strive to provide breakthrough quality service on specific Moments of Truth by using the personal thoughts and creativity of everyone in the organization.

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