Critical Areas of Skills Development for Marketers


In the challenging world there are many competencies and skills marketers need to develop. This will help them to perform well in the competitive environment. Following are the skills that the marketers need to concentrate on.

  • Computer literacy to capitalize on the vast potential of e-marketing and e-commerce . In addition, mobile marketing skills and application are important because currently there are growing importances for these tools. Specially thorough knowledge about the online world is also important because now the market competition goes to the online world as well.
  • Execellent presentation and communication skills are integral areas for a successful marketing career. Marketers are called upon to make presentations to varied audiences and stakeholders. The way they perform will bring them more leads. Further, marketers are also required to conduct media briefings as well.
  • Taxation and legal aspects relevant to marketing are very important. Laws Related to patents, trade marks, copyrights, media and marketing communication are important to understand.
  • Contemporary marketing has emerged with a lot of new thinking and theories that marketers must absorb and be well versed in, such as Social Marketing g, Permission Marketing, e-Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Hospitality Marketing.
  • Marketing research and application techniques are important skills for marketers and required to be skillful in research methods and techniques. The capability to undertake research studies, evaluate research proposals and interpret research findings are vital requirement.
  • Project management skills and application of concept and theories in managing marketing projects are other vital area. Many marketing activities can be thought of as a major or minor project.
  • Human Resource Management is a skill marketers need to be capable in, as marketing is all about fulfilling internal and external customers’ needs and wants. Hence, the ability to manage people and get the best from the team is also essential
  • Financial literacy and understanding of financial implications of marketing decisions is critical. In general, marketers are not finance-savvy and make recommendations without regard for financial consequences. Marketers need to also appreciate the concept of shareholder value.
  • Marketers need to be capable to apply marketing knowledge across different industries

The above article was written by my CIM lecturer Mr.Prasanna Perera.


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