To Come top in the Google search results within an hour.

It is always difficult to come top in the google results position in an hour. Just worked out few techniques and  finally got the idea how it works. I heard recently Google has changed the way of crawler’s work. I have created a video to test this technique. Named the video with a title which is having 17,000,000 search results in Google and the keyword title was “new marketing trends blog”.


Video – see below the screen shot as well. 



Did other technique- Better to keep it secret 🙂

In an hour I saw my video had come in the first page out of 17,500,000 results. See the screen shot below. (Go to, then type this keyword -” new marketing trends blog”)


I think it is time for marketers to think about the use of YouTube. After aquired by Google it has become more search engine friendly. In my point of view all can optimize their videos for targeted keywords, and can get the videos on top. I also observed that  if we can upload it to more than 10 video sites and optimize, can see the results even better because if you optimize only one video channel,  in a  few days time  it will go down. So continuous optimization will help you to retain the position. 


7 responses to “To Come top in the Google search results within an hour.

  1. Hi Darren..Now the page is in the second page..To retain the position u should use more than 10 video wens and optimize it. If you do so, your page will remains in the first page.

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