Facebook Reaches 200 Million Users

It is really amazing. Just finished reading an article about facebook sent by our company corporate manager. The headline was “Facebook Reaches 200 Million users” . A site which was started for a student community now reaches its new era. In a switch above college age and older users are joining fast. (even in average my mother spend around 2 hours per day in facebook 🙂 ) So Thought to present the facts here.

According to e-marketer facebook added its 200millionth user on April 8,2009. To mark the occasion, Silicon Alley Insider noted that if Facebook were a country, it would be the fifth-largest in the world after China, India, the US and Indonesia.
The US had more Facebook users than any other country. However, the largest concentration of users was in the Eastern US and Western Europe.

From January to March 2009, people ages 26 to 44 made up the fastest-growing segment of the US Facebook population, and other countries will undoubtedly follow that path.

While users have been reluctant to click on ads, brands are still looking for ways to leverage the social networking space—and finding them.
Facebook and other social networking sites are providing opportunities for brand marketers to get feedback from users—and even sometimes engage in direct conversations.


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