How you measure the success of a community?

How you measure the success of a community? It is always difficult to build a community over night. It will take time to develop. You can get a good success rate. But you have to be careful that you have already determined the matrices for success. Measuring the success of an online community is highly essential. The Online Community Report web site defined an array of variable to measure your success story. They are

Unique Visitors
New Member Registrations
Page Views
Retention / Attrition
Member Loyalty
Member Satisfaction
Most Active Members
Top Searches
Message Posts
Advertising Performance
Influencer/Evangelist Identification
Member Lifecycle
First Time Contributors
Content Rating
Ratio: Unregistered to Registered Visitors
Ratio: Page Views Per Post
Reputation Changes
Ratio: Posts Per Thread
Content Tagging
Comments per Blog Post
Ratio: Searches Per Post
Podcasts & Video (linked to Uploaded)
Member Blog Posts
Size of Networks/Buddy lists

Top ranking metrics
Traffic patterns & statistics
Community member engagement
Unique number of visitors
New Member registrations
Member Satisfaction
Product feedback and/or ideation for R&D

Based on your characteristics of the community you can define or arrange the matrices, what will come first and whats next?

If you want a great read in developing online community articles visit CommunitySpark. It has well defined articles

3 thoughts on “How you measure the success of a community?

  1. This actually a good post. The matrices are well defined. These are common for all communities. Specially communtyspark link is very useful. Because we are also in the process of creating an online community for our i phone business. These are valuable points..Thanks

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