The 11 immutable laws of internet branding

The marketing success of online firms are totally depends on how they do their online branding. Not only offline branding you can find laws for online branding as well. They are
1 – The law of either /or
The internet can be a business of a medium but not both
2 – The law of interactivity
Without it,your web site and your brand will go no where.
3 – The law of common name
The kiss of death for an internet brand is a common name
4 – The law of the proper name
Your name stands alone on the internet, so you’d better have a good one.
5 – The law of singularity
At all costs you should avoid being second in your category.
6 – The law of advertising
Advertising off the net will be a lot bigger than advertising on the net.
7- The law of globalism
The internet will demolish all barriers, all boundaries, all boarders.
8- The law of time
Just do it, you have o be first, you have to be focused.
9 – The law of vanity
The biggest mistake of all is believing you can do anything.
10 – The law of divergence
Everyone talks about convergence, while just the opposite is happening.
11 – The law of transformation
The internet revolution will transform all aspect of lives.

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