My research

My graduate Research

Research Start date – 01/01/2008

Research completion date – 31/10/2008

Grade – A+

Research Topic – The Factors Influencing to online Purchase in Sri Lanka: A Consumer Perspective Study in the B2C e-Commerce Product Selling ( Factors Influencing Sri Lankans to purchase online)


Table of Contents

Chapter one

  1. Background of the study
  2. Scope of the study
  3. Research Issue
  4. Research Objectives
  5. Research Questions
  6. Significance of the research
  7. Research Strategy
  8. Limitation of the study
  9. Chapter Framework

Chapter Two – Review of Literature

  1. Introduction
  2. e-Commerce
  3. B2B e-Commerce
  4. B2G e-Commerce
  5. B2C e-Commerce
  6. Factors influencing online purchase
  7. Consumer behavior in online shopping context
  8. Trust influce
  9. Attitude towards online pruchase

Chapter Three -Methodology

  1. Introduction
  2. Conceptual framework
  3. Definition of key terms
  4. Trust
  5. Attitude
  6. Behavior
  7. Research Methodology
  8. Data Collection Tecnique
  9. Measures and method of analysis

Chapter Four -Data presentation and analysis

  1. Introduction
  2. Data summarization
  3. sample profile
  4. Analysis of trust factors
  5. Analysis of privacy
  6. Analysis of attitude factors
  7. Analysis of behavioural factors
  8. Testing Hypothesis
  9. Mesurement and analysis of factors influencing online purchase in Sri Lanka

Chapter Five – Findings, recommendations and conclusions

  1. Introduction
  2. Summary of key findings, recommendations
  3. Conclusions
  4. Future research direction

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